Testing & Quality

We are leaders in Testing and Quality innovation in North America. We are at the forefront of new thinking and advancement, enabling organizations with new testing solutions and assets that are guaranteed to add value and results. We are recognized by the CIOs of the top Fortune 500 companies as their ‘go to’ advisors when it comes to quality and testing. Due to our vast experience and heavy investment in R&D, many of the large global consulting companies come to us to evaluate their offerings and propose new practices as to how they can improve their own client offerings. We also provide simple, agile testing to small and medium-sized businesses alike.

Test Optimization

We investigate, collaborate, and articulate practical improvement plans and actions that will help streamline and optimize your testing. We not only advise you on what needs improving, we help implement the change. We have specialized our optimization services to select areas of your testing operation. We focus on areas that have proven to be problematic and are key sources of inefficiency based on our experience and validated by industry analysts. Connect with us to hear specifics on these areas.

  • Test Effectiveness Assessment
    We assess key areas of your testing and validate if they are operating effectively, delivering efficiencies, and showing value. We then identify what actions are needed for improvement.
  • Testing Optimization
    Improve test automation, test rationalization, rapid performance testing and more utilizing our specialists. We will measure the outcome to ensure value is achieved.

Program & Project Testing

The success of any large program or project related to testing rests on the ability of the Test Leader to manage and coordinate the stakeholders, risks, and moving parts of the program. We have a team of specialized Program and Project Test Managers who have a minimum of ten years experience. We also have the methods, processes, and assets to set up and run your testing program in case you don’t have them internally. Depending on the engagement and our level of accountability and control of the testing, we will even commit to your milestones or level of quality requirements.

  • Program and Project Test Leadership
    We are experienced leading testing in the following solutions/fields: SaaS & Cloud, Mobile Platforms, ERP & CRM enterprise solutions, Point of Sale, Insurance Platforms, Core Banking Systems, Supply Chain Implementations and Migrations, Enterprise Reporting, Adjudication Systems, Workflow Management Systems, Capital Markets, Data Migrations, Manufacturing, and more.

Performance Engineering & Diagnostics

We have developed a performance offering and framework that sets a new standard on how companies can safeguard their technology investment and proactively prepare for future growth and customer demands. The cost of performance test tools is a roadblock for most companies. We have removed this barrier by offering a viable solution capable of inter-operating with most technologies and platforms. We will validate and justify the spend of our services and identify if you are at risk due to possible performance degradation. Further, we will attempt to pinpoint areas of your system that should be focused on. We provide code, database and infrastructure specialists, in addition to our performance testers, to interpret the results and provide the answers your technology team need to fix it.

  • Performance Risk Assessment
    Proactively analyze and validate your system’s performance risk profile prior to investing in detailed diagnostic and analytics.
  • Open Source Performance Tools
    We made performance testing cost-effective by minimizing the need for expensive vendor tools. Our solution is capable of inter-operating with most technologies and platforms, including all major ERPs, J2EE, .NET, and more.
  • Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostic Controls
    We set up enhanced monitoring controls to isolate points of degradation in your application, database, or infrastructure and identify practical steps that can resolve the issues.
  • Reusable, ‘Real-Time’ Performance Framework
    You can now validate in real-time if your current work has introduced new issues so to avoid issues from testing only at the end of a release. Run performance tests every time you complete a build and do a final release readiness inspection.
  • Capacity Diagnostic Tool
    Use this tool to analyze the ability your systems and infrastructure have to meet future business and customer demand, proactively plan for future infrastructure investment, and avoid potentially catastrophic meltdowns of your infrastructure and customer systems.

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