The need to source externally is vitally important to every IT organization, big and small, due to influxes of work, not having select skills internally, being more cost-effective, and enabling non-core functions internally; and it comes with challenges. Sourcing encompasses a lot; it could mean one person, a local development team, or an offshore contract. For companies who are growing and needing to source externally for the first time to experienced IT veterans who want to evaluate their existing sourcing arrangements, we can help you. Tulkita has been helping clients define and set up sourcing arrangements for over 15 years. We do not offer large-scale outsourcing ourselves so that there is no conflict of interest – we will act as your advisor to help navigate vendor selection, contracting, and setup. We can then progress to managing, monitoring, and evaluating selected vendors. Tulkita is prepared to set up fixed fee pricing for our services and contractually commit to our proposed timelines or results.

Sourcing Strategy & Enablement

We can help you navigate what ought to be sourced and how by utilizing our Sourcing Candidacy Assessment. It makes it easy to understand what main functions of the IT organization can be sourced, the viability of each for your organization, the types of sourcing models that can be deployed, and the high-level benefits associated with each model. We can facilitate the whole process from completing cost-benefit and business case analysis to managing vendor demonstrations and meetings with market analysts. We can cut the preparation and setup time by up to 45%, saving you time and effort. We can also be engaged to analyze how sourcing can be leveraged to address budget cuts or headcount reductions.

  • Sourcing Candidacy Assessment
    A proprietary Tulkita asset that evaluates if an area of the IT organization ought to be sourced, generates a pros and cons list of sourcing an area, provides candidacy scores, creates a high-level cost-benefit analysis, and pulls major data points for use in business case preparation.
  • IT Sourcing Plan Development
    A fixed term engagement where Tulkita analyzes the IT organization and develops a multi-year sourcing plan. Areas of focus include IT Hardware, Software, Infrastructure, Application Maintenance and Support, Testing, and Hosting.
  • Sourcing Due Diligence
    Leverage Tulkita’s industry analyst contacts and partnerships to complete industry analysis and benchmarks on available sourcing options. Tulkita can facilitate vendor introductions, set up vendor demos, and talk to other companies who have undertook similar initiatives.

Vendor Selection, Negotiation & Contracting

We can expedite the selection process of vendors for you and ensure the contracts are competitive and protect your interests. We have legal expertise, contract negotiation skills, and intimate knowledge of the angles and levers used by vendors. Our RFP offering typically reduces the RFP Selection timeline by up to 40%. Top legal firms in Canada and the USA have engaged Tulkita to help their clients conduct vendor selection, contracting, and negotiation. We contractually commit to outcomes so there can be no doubt our interests are tied in with your own. Our pay may also be proportional to our ability to negotiate on your behalf.

  • Vendor Due Diligence
    We analyze the market and recommend the best sourcing options. We contact the vendors, make introductions, and set up vendor demonstrations.
  • RFI, RFP, and Business Terms Preparation
    We collect your business requirements, document the RFP, and coordinate vendor responses with our team of experienced technical writers and consultants. We are able to align and collaborate with your procurement and sourcing teams, if applicable.
  • RFP Review, Scoring, and Selection
    We assume responsibility for coordinating stakeholder reviews and ensure a controlled evaluation and scoring process is completed. We can offer our RFP Selection Guideline framework or follow your guidelines, if desired. All necessary internal meetings, communications, and supporting documentation can be offloaded to Tulkita to manage and prepare.

Vendor Management & Performance

Tulkita ensures that vendors are set up, operating according to the terms of the agreement, and delivering on expected outcomes. We can manage the initial setup or assist in an ongoing vendor management capacity as the performance and effectiveness of a vendor needs to be continually assessed throughout the lifespan of the relationship to ensure quality levels, savings, efficiency gains, and performance are maintained. This includes monitoring service levels, reporting, escalation procedures, efficiency improvements, and more. We will cross-reference against the contract, analyze against industry benchmarks, and ensure you have the facts and data points needed to optimize your vendor relationship.

  • Vendor Governance Controls
    We set up and deploy the processes necessary to manage and govern your vendor, such as service levels, reporting, operating metrics, escalation procedures, efficiency and cost savings monitoring, and more.
  • Vendor Performance Assessment
    We assess vendor performance to find out if you are leveraged, what can be improved, what gaps in service there are, and if there are viable alternatives.

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