There is a great understanding of technology in most IT organizations, but something is missing. Over two-thirds of completed initiatives in IT fail to meet their original goals and, of those that do, many have very little positive impact on the effectiveness or profitability of the business. We are focused on solving these big picture problems. Our approach of running IT like a business works to align IT with company goals and proves, through a leap in effectiveness, how much value there is in focusing beyond just the servers and code.

Every piece of the IT organization is important, but none so much as the proverbial glue that keeps it running to purpose and running effectively. We act to strengthen that glue by asking the right questions and getting answers with advanced assessment tools. We prioritize and plan actions based on available high-value opportunities, budget, and your need for quick versus long-term gains. We contractually commit to getting you results and take measurements of critical areas to prove we have delivered on our promise.

While large consulting firms look to do mega projects, our process methodology is scalable to accommodate the specific needs of your IT organization and offers more bang for your buck.

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