Leadership and Management Workshops

Our Tulkita Workshops are specially designed to support senior leaders and management who are responsible for building or growing IT. We focus on the essential skills and acumen required to launch, optimize or mature your IT capability. Workshops are typically 1–4 days, pre-built or customizable, and are offered both in-house and in a cross-organizational format.

Coaching & Mentorship

When time is of the essence and you need customized, individual coaching, Tulkita has experienced, specialized IT practitioners who are available to assist you with solving current issues, career development or share industry insights. We offer various mediums so that you can choose those which best align to your preference and schedule, including: one-on-one coaching, group roundtables or remote sessions. From 1hr to multiple days, we’re here to help.

Specialty Courses & Training

Learn how to plan, mobilize and implement new IT innovations entering into the marketplace. Tulkita’s specialized courses focus on the trends and technologies impacting your IT organization and how, as a leader, you can successfully implement these capabilities and show value-add.

Specialty courses include: Cloud Integration, Mobile Testing, Agile, Exploratory Testing, Automation, IT Optimization and Metrics Analytics.

Community and Non-Profit Seminars

Invite Tulkita to speak at your next event. Our renowned global leaders have given keynotes and speeches around the globe. Hear our insights, innovative and practical solutions in IT Optimization, Lean IT, Process Efficiency, Quality, Testing and IT Measurement & Analytics, and more.

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