Become the Thought Leader & Innovator of your organization, while improving your own productivity by more than 25%.

Tulkita Training offers a unique set of training, workshops and coaching services specifically built for IT Leadership and Management. We focus on helping you acquire the essential skills you need to lead, innovate and grow an IT capability. Our cost effective training services have been built in collaboration with our customers – we help you achieve excellence in IT Leadership, Innovation, Optimization and Quality Modernization.

Tulkita has conducted our 400 training sessions, in 18 countries for IT Leaders, Managers, and Practitioners, across all major industry groups – we know what you need and what to deliver, as illustrated by our 97% average customer satisfaction score.

Why Tulkita Training?

Empowering and Growing IT Leadership

Our training is different in that we focus on the essential skills you need to be an effective IT Leader. Where other training courses focus on ‘how to’ tactical tasks, Tulkita provides you with the necessary thought leadership and tools required to launch, scale or mature your IT practice.

‘Real World’ Experience

Like you, all of our faculty and facilitators have held IT Leadership positions, from start-up to large multinationals – our training focuses on practical, ‘real world’ experience. Focus on what works in order to improve your effectiveness and ability to successfully implement change within your organization.

Outcome Based Training

Tulkita Training workshops balance theory with actionable outcomes that you can immediately apply within your organization. For example: Tulkita will teach you to build an optimization roadmap using the most effective method possible: by assessing you to build your own.

Focus on Effectiveness and Value-Add

As IT Leadership, you are required to measure and evaluate your effectiveness and value-add. Understand ROI, Cost-Benefit and how you directly impact others. Tulkita embeds this knowledge across all of our workshops to help validate your plans and actions learned within our training.

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