To run IT like a business that operates and functions as an entity, it takes acute monitoring of the operating model and the management of people, process and technology. We want to help you understand how IT can better meet business needs. Partner with us on an ongoing basis to gain insight on what changes are needed and how to go about it. We will connect the silos in IT, fix inefficiencies, and enable technology to have a direct impact on company strategic goals and profitability.

Business Planning

Business Planning is an organizational framework that acts to actively identify, evaluate and select initiatives to be executed that support the organization’s business objectives. Setting up a business planning framework on your own is time intensive and costly. We make it simple. We have helped IT organizations build and improve on their Business Planning activities for over 10 years. We can organize and facilitate meetings, collect inputs, lead prioritization meetings, and complete the number crunching. Having done it many times before, our resources assigned are knowledgeable and efficient.

  • Business Planning Framework
    Tulkita’s pre-built Business Planning Asset can be used to set up or improve current business planning activities.
  • Business Planning Facilitation
    We assist in the collection, preparation and analysis of your annual or semi-annual business planning process.
  • Work Classification Framework
    We set up how work is classified, managed, and measured so that it can be tied back to the overall business planning process and portfolio management.

Finance & Budgeting

It takes a lot of focus and effort to manage the finance of IT; it often falls on the backs of management as a second job. Tulkita is unique for having finance specialists who have focused their careers within IT that can provide you with unparalleled service in this area. We are regularly called in to rationalize and streamline cumbersome, ad-hoc financial processes within IT. We can set up the financial processes, reporting, and controls to enhance transparency and improve your organization’s decision-making abilities. Best of all we commit to cost and effort savings.

  • Budgeting
    We can manage, execute or augment your annual budgeting process.
  • Financial Controls and Reporting
    Processes and reports specifically built by Tulkita to provide transparency and decision-making power to IT leadership and management. Understand spend-to-date, forecasts, budget, and capital versus operational expenses.
  • Outsourced IT Finance and Budgeting
    Tulkita supports the finance and budgeting cycles of 10 IT organizations across Canada and the US, and we can help you. Our process is to transfer key functions and responsibilities, set up reporting, and act as a liaison between IT Senior Leadership and Finance. We offer a competitive, flat-rate monthly service charge that covers everything needed to run and manage your IT finances.

Measurement & Reporting

Metrics are one of the most challenging and poorly executed functions of the IT organization. Metrics are cost and time intensive, and commonly fail to provide the answers they were employed by stakeholders to uncover. Our approach is to enable a metrics program and framework that is simple, to the point, and answers questions effectively. We have successfully set up over 40 unique IT metrics programs and have everything you need to set up or improve your metrics, no matter the organization size. Foster communication, collaboration, and decision-making within your organization with help from Tulkita.

  • IT Measurement Quick Launch Kit
    We utilize a pre-built reporting tool and metrics catalogue to effectively set up and deploy a viable reporting program within your organization. We can focus on the IT organization as a whole or on specific IT areas.
  • IT Metrics and Reporting Optimization
    We automate the collection and preparation of information, focus in on the critical few important metrics, and rationalize reports.

Resource & Time Management

Proper Resource Management ensures you have the proper balance between supply and demand, showing what you can do and, if shortages exist, where you may need to source. Time Management informs and empowers Senior Leadership to objectively gauge the resources needed to deliver technology initiatives and innovation to the organization. The management of each needs to scale with the company over time. We have the processes and tools necessary to manage and allocate resources optimally, track performance, and maintain efficiency.

  • Resourcing Optimization Assessment
    We evaluate if resources are properly deployed and if the capabilities of your personnel are being utilized efficiently. We measure the effectiveness and viability of external sourcing options.
  • Resource Management
    Avoid starting at square one by leveraging our proven set of processes that include setting up and improving core processes such as Supply and Demand Management Framework, Work Categorization, Resource Scheduling, Resource Management Reporting, and Resource Allocation.
  • Time Management
    We set up an easy to use, customized and relevant Time Management System to track effort of resources, work allocation, and utilization and effort of work types. We offer a prebuilt asset or we can assist in configuring a packaged software to do this such as our strategic PPM partner, Planview.

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