Strategy & Governance

Strategy is a plan of action that aims at a destination and describes how to get there. Without a well-defined strategy, day to day urgency becomes what steers decisions, which is not conducive to longterm growth, innovation or improvement. The key to a good strategy is that it’s grounded in reality, practical to implement, and actionable. We know how to take a vision and materialize it into reality. We specialize in creating clear implementation strategies that get everyone set on the same goals and feeling empowered to contribute. We then guide organizations through the enactment of the strategy. You have our expertise on hand from concept to completion. In true partnership, we travel the road with you.

Business Partnership

Cohesion is a key factor for success between the business and IT. It benefits both groups to align and work in sync towards common goals, but the reality is that most organizations are at a divide and need a formal strategy and plan made in order for real synergies and integration to occur between their IT and business entities. This important activity can be accomplished with relative ease. We help companies craft and implement effective business partnership strategies. This is the start of joint decision making and mutual accountability on how technology enables customers and the business. We can help lead the rollout and monitor adoption and the essential enabling change management.

  • Business Partnership Opportunity Assessment
    Evaluate the ‘art of the possible’. Determine how your organization would benefit from a formal Business Partnership framework, how it can be practically implemented and the expected gains and value that can be realized. We help to expedite this exploration process & point you in the right direction.
  • Business Partnership Frameworks
    Tulkita has designed and implemented 73 unique Business Partnership Frameworks – from growing start-ups to large, global enterprises. Leverage our pre-built processes & assets to expedite your timelines and save costs – Tulkita provides you the starting point & allows you to focus on your unique needs without ‘reinventing the wheel’. Our Business Partnership IP is available free to all of our customers.
  • Business Partnership Effectiveness Study
    Analyze the effectiveness of your current Business-IT relationship. Understand what’s working and what could be improved on in order to deliver mutual value to both the Business and IT/Technology. Tulkita has learned first hand what works, what doesn’t and common points to focus on. Our studies are typically less than a week to complete (often one day) and identify opportunities that, if implemented, deliver bottom line savings & results to the entire organization – we guarantee this.

Operating Model

In any organization, change is constant due to new customer demand, business expectations, and market factors. How IT is set up and run needs to change accordingly with the help of additional resources and agile solutions. This necessitates constant evaluating to ensure IT is appropriately calibrated to the needs of the company. We can help pinpoint inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and fix those problems in a way that aligns with the long-term vision of where the organization would like to be heading. By improving the operating model and the supporting governance, our clients can achieve a more productive workforce, improved agility of delivery projects, improved quality, and better employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Operational Effectiveness Assessment
    Analyze your current operations and identify specific, practical actions that can be taken to improve it. We take a pragmatic approach to assessments – we focus only on specific areas that are known to cause bottlenecks and inefficiencies within a technology organization. The results are straight-forward and we share relevant case studies and industry benchmarks to quantify the gain of implementing an identified improvement. Implement improvements within days, not weeks or months.
  • Operating Model
    Tulkita helps to improve your organization structure, define roles and responsibilities, and create a scaleable reporting structure that adapts to changing business and customer needs. Tulkita is able to prepare business cases to support the growth (or rationalization) of your organization structure and/or operations.
  • Internal Controls, Audit and Compliance
    Tulkita works with its technology customers to set up and adapt procedures and controls required to align to corporate standards, regulatory compliance, security and internal business controls. Tulkita will also facilitate/conduct internal technology audits or coordinate on your behalf with external auditing firms.

Strategy Maps & Planning

Practical, streamlined action plans are what transform ideas into realities. This is a simple concept, yet so many companies are challenged because ideas are not practically articulated, laid out, initiated and managed. That’s where we come in. We’re interested in moving things forward as efficiently as possible. It is a unique approach and we back it up with contractual agreements that hinge on the success of the plans we lay out. We then partner with you every step of the way to help realize goals and intended outcomes. Whether we’re aligning the objectives of IT with organizational goals or on to something different like helping accomplish specific quarterly targets, our experience is paramount in getting the job done right, on time, and on budget.

  • Leadership Advisory
    We offer practical management consulting for IT and Technology, including sharing trends, industry benchmarks, and case studies to inform and contextualize changes that may need to be made. We have extensive experience with Technology Start-Ups, Small & Mid-Sized Companies as well as global multi-nationals.
  • Strategy Maps
    Tulkita provides the framework and supporting processes/tools necessary to ‘map out’ your ideas in order to formulate a plan of attack. This could include 5-Year goals, an acquisition plan, a Product Vision, etc. We are able to facilitate working sessions, provide industry perspectives, and in general, steer you along the right path. Our approach to Strategy Maps is to provide a visual reference to an initiative, what’s encompassed within the vision, supporting objectives, enabling plan, and discrete actions. We also prepare supporting business cases and ROI analysis.
  • Roadmaps and Action Plans
    We design and prepare practical and actionable plans that tell exactly how to get from start to finish.

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