Program Management

Projects are critical to your success & long-term viability in the marketplace, period. Extensive methodology is available to support every facet of project delivery; however, due to inefficiencies of its application, managing the project often overshadows delivering its intended result. Also, even a project that is delivered on time, within budget and within scope, might not be successful if it doesn’t bring business value. Stakeholders’ requirements have to be defined clearly at the start but also managed throughout the duration of the project. We understand all these challenges and are dedicated to helping you address them. Tulkita has practical, hands-on experience setting up and delivering the most challenging of programs and projects, for start-ups and large companies alike.


Successful delivery depends on not only following a methodology, but also on following one that fits your unique needs. Our PMP-certified Program and Project Advisors & Practitioners always use an agile, ‘lite’ approach to project management in order to deliver results effectively. Our extensive experience in delivering technology allows us to quickly identify inefficiencies and propose solutions that will help you become more agile and productive.

  • Project Management Effectiveness Assessment
    Through our Assessment Tool and consulting services we evaluate the effectiveness of how programs and projects are executed. This includes ensuring that governance, processes, assets and tools are effective and maximize the performance of the project. We can suggest improvements to help you identify immediate gains and long term enhancements.
  • Project & Program Management Optimization
    We assess your current PPM methodology to verify if it is optimal for your needs and whether it is being utilized effectively. We also quantify time and cost savings that will result from implementing our recommendations so you know exactly what you will gain. Our experienced Project Managers will work with you to prioritize and implement required improvements.
  • Intelligent Methodology
    Our pre-built framework for managing programs and projects allows you to dynamically scale the level of governance, processes and artifacts. Based on your initiative’s scope, cost and complexity, you can choose the critical elements that will provide the right level of support. 

Program and Project Managers

Our Program and Project Managers have a minimum 15 years of experience delivering small, medium and large technology initiatives. From enterprise-level programs to highly specialized projects for start-ups, our Program & Project Managers have the proven track record to lead, support and improve your project delivery. All are PMP-certified and know what level of delivery rigour will help you deliver results effectively.

  • Program and Project Leadership
    If the skillset you require is not available internally, you can rely on our Program and Project Managers to partner with you and deliver your initiatives. You gain not only a seasoned, skilled Program/Project Manager but also access to Tulkita’s knowledge capital and thought leadership.

Enterprise Program Management

Delivering multiple projects across the organization requires coordination and standardization, to ensure consistently successful delivery. A central entity might be required to govern, mandate and execute company-wide business and technology initiatives. We have extensive experience in supporting Enterprise Project Management Offices and in introducing supporting tools that allow you to get visibility into all your initiatives. We have experience setting up & instantiating these capabilities for not only large enterprises, but also for Small & Mid-Sized Technology companies that are scaling and necessitating a greater rigor in delivering products and strategic initiatives

  • ePMO Enablement
    We can help you set up your ePMO and define its mandate which may include: prioritizing and managing work through the Business Planning process, delivering strategic initiatives, setting guidelines and procedures for Project Managers, measuring and reporting results, monitoring quality, and improving efficiency. We can also assess your current ePMO and suggest improvements to streamline existing processes.
  • ePMO ‘Lite’ for Small Business
    We will work with you to understand your unique needs and define the overarching corporate structure that will enable and support your product. Avoiding ad-hoc delivery and tactical ‘fire fighting’, you will be able to create a standard, supporting structure to ensure your initiatives are delivered successfully and efficiently.


We are proud to be a strategic partner of Planview. Having worked with all the world’s largest PPM software tools, we recognize Planview’s unique offering and its flexible, robust functionality. We have helped our clients implement Planview solutions and have seen the immediate benefits the tool brings. Planview is a leader in its field and we are committed to the tool because we know it works.

  • Tool Configuration and Support
    Tulkita supports Planview specialists in the install and configuration of the tool. We anchor architecture decisions in your PPM-related goals so that you know when to configure the tool to fit your processes and when your processes can benefit from newly available functionality. The final result is a robust tool that is aligned to your needs – both today and as you grow.
  • Program and Project Management Leadership
    Tulkita Thought Leaders complement Planview’s expert team by bringing knowledge of how Portfolio, Program and Project Management governance and processes should be set up. We understand that a tool should enable a process and not mandate it. Our consultants will share with you their experience with using Planview to enable PPM, as well as industry best practices and common pitfalls of PPM.

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