Tulkita 2.0 Launches!

March 1, 2015 7:32 pm

Welcome to our new website! The fresh new look and feel of the site is just a part of the larger, exciting changes we have been implementing in the past few months. Today, we are proud to present to you Tulkita 2.0!

Since incorporating 4 years ago, and servicing over 60 customers across North America, we have witnessed firsthand the changes & challenges that you are facing.  It has become clear that the ‘modus operandi’ of IT is changing.  IT is no longer just about technology.  To be effective, IT has to work with the Business, work like a Business and be efficient in its internal processes. This is why our new offering is led by the central theme of, The Business of IT. We help your company to optimize its use of Technology, in order to grow, scale and deliver value. This holistic (and unique) approach is now the cornerstone of our business and forms the basis for our offering.


Tulkita 2.0 Highlights:


Our consulting services have been realigned & are now tightly focused on improving the value & effectiveness of your technology business. In addition to continuing to service our large corporate customers, we now offer a specialized focus on Small & Medium Technology organizations by providing a ‘light’, nimble version of our services.  Our focus:

  • Strategy & Governance
  • Operations
  • Process & Methodology
  • Sourcing
  • Quality & Testing
  • Portfolio & Program Management
  • Security

Training & Advisory Service

We continue to develop & grow our training curriculum. Our Leadership & Management courses and workshops are now available across North America & we continue to grow our coaching and advisory services for small & mid-sized technology companies.

Sharing our Thought Leadership

We are proud of who we have become in the past 4 years since incorporation, and its now time to share what we have learned with you. In the weeks & months ahead we will be sharing new ideas, thought leadership & white papers via our new website and social media channels. We are excited to dialogue with you and collaborate on new innovative ideas shaping the IT & technology sectors.

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